International Journal of Training Research, Vol 9, No 3 (2011)

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Community safety and recidivism in Australia: Breaking the cycle of reoffending to produce safer communities through vocational training

Susanne Bahn


This article links community safety with recidivism and argues that reintegration of offenders is a community responsibility. The paper discusses the role of vocational training for incarcerated offenders as a tool to reduce recidivism. Training and subsequent employment for released offenders are factors that assist them to become contributing members of community who are less likely to reoffend. Research has shown that prisoner training and education can successfully address recidivism rates. Therefore, the cost of incarceration is reduced whilst the level of community safety is increased. However, Australian Vocational Education Training (VET) delivery in prisons requires improvement and a greater emphasis on holistic support from community groups is essential for successful reintegration.

International Journal of Training Research

ISSN 1448-0220
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