Journal of Management & Organization, Vol 18, No 4 (2012)

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Susanne Braun


Mission statements are a standard tool of strategic planning processes in organizations (French, Kelly, & Harrsion, 2001). Despite considerable amount of research on the effects of mission statements (Bartkus, Glassman, & McAfee, 2006), they are still subject to substantial skepticism. This article integrates hitherto published studies on the effectiveness of mission statements in order to clarify to what degree mission statements can live up to the high expectations attached to them. Results of the literature review led to conclude that the effectiveness of mission statements depends on four categories of mission statement-related variables: (1) rationales for mission statement development, (2) development and implementation, (3) contents and form, and (4) individual attitudes toward the mission statement. This comprehensive literature review clarifies important preconditions of mission statement effectiveness, and at the same time, reveals considerable shortcomings in the research to date. Guidelines future research and application of mission statements are provided.

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