Vol 10, No 3 (2011)

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Yarning about Indigenous mental health: translation of a recovery paradigm to practice
Tricia Nagel, Rachael Hinton, Carolyn Griffin
Cross cultural education in suicide prevention: development of a training resource for use in Central Australian Indigenous communities
Jessica Lopes, Melissa Lindeman, Kerry Taylor, Laurencia Grant
Use of the Westerman Aboriginal Symptoms Checklist-Youth (WASC-Y) to Screen for Mental Health Problems in Indigenous Youth in Custody
Stephen Leslie Stathis, Ivan Doolan, Paul Letters, Amanda Arnett, Storm Cory, Laura Quinlan
Alive and Kicking Goals!: Preliminary findings from a Kimberley suicide prevention program
Joe Tighe, Kathy McKay
The Emotion Self-Confidence Model of Suicidal Ideation
Stephanie Tamsin Deeley, Anthony William Love
Assumptions associated with mental health literacy training – insights from initiatives in rural Australia
Rosemary Jane Anderson, David Pierce
Determining mental health research priorities in a Queensland region: An inclusive and iterative approach with mental health service clinicians, consumers and carers
Margaret McAllister, Matira Taikato, Jo Munday, Bernie Waterhouse, Peter K Dunn
Maternal fatigue and depression: Identifying vulnerability and relationship to early parenting practices
Catherine Wade, Rebecca Giallo, Amanda Cooklin
Is there a difference? A comparitive study of mobile intensive treatment team and continuing care team consumers clinical and other characteristics
Chris Lloyd, Jo Suggett, Tom Meehan, Robert King
OPINION PIECE: Spirituality: The Neglected Dimension of Holistic Mental Health Care
Editorial AMH 10-3 On wisdom in mental health care
Graham Martin

Advances in Mental Health

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