Vol 10, No 1 (2011)

Promoting Youth Mental Health

Table of Contents

Prevention and early intervention for mental health problems in 0-25 year olds: are there evidence-based models of care?
Lisa S. Catania, Sarah E. Hetrick, Louise K. Newman, Rosemary Purcell
Finding Our Way: Youth Participation in the development & promotion of Youth Mental Health Services on the Central Coast
Deb Howe, Samantha Batchelor, Kataryzna Bochynska
Emerging adults’ need for autonomy and help-seeking intentions for informal sources and mental health services
Coralie J Wilson, Debra J Rickwood, John A Bushnell, Peter Caputi, Susan J Thomas
ReachOut.com: the role of an online service for promoting help-seeking in young people
Philippa J Collin, Atari T Metcalf, Justine C Stephens-Reicher, Michelle E. Blanchard, Helen E Herrman, Kitty Rahilly, Jane M Burns
Implications for interventions focused on depression and anxiety in emerging adults
Coralie J Wilson, John A Bushnell, Debra J Rickwood, Peter Caputi, Susan Thomas
Child wellbeing and protection concerns and the response of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Sector in Australia
Samantha Battams
Impact of a mental health promotion program on substance use in young adolescents.
Clare Roberts, Rachael Williams, Robert Kane, Yolanda Pintabona, Donna Cross, Stephan Zubrick, Sven Silburn
Linking Young Homeless People to Mental Health Services: An exploration of an outreach clinic at a supported youth accommodation service
Caitlin Dixon, Leticia Maree Funston, Catherine Ryan, Kay Wilhelm
Workforce shortages and their impact on Australian youth mental health service reform
Stephen Carbone, Debra Rickwood, Chris Tanti

Advances in Mental Health

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