Vol 11, No 3 (2013)

General Issue June 13

Table of Contents

Submissions for general issues

Giving voice to those bereaved by suicide: The "Nothing prepared me for this" project
Martin James Ryan, Rebecca Lister, Louise Flynn
Suicide bereavement and the media: A qualitative study
Jaelea Skehan
Living Beyond Aboriginal Suicide: Developing a culturally appropriate and accessible suicide postvention service for Aboriginal communities in South Australia.
Ian Goodwin-Smith, Naomi Hicks, Michael Hawke, Gerri Alver, Peta Raftery
A Systematic Approach to Building the Mental Health Response Capacity of Practitioners in a Postdisaster Context
Lennart Reifels, Bridget Bassilios, David Forbes, Mark Creamer, Darryl Wade, Sally Coates, Malcolm Hopwood, Jane Elizabeth Pirkis
Using QEEG parameters (asymmetry, coherence, and P3a Novelty response) to track improvement in depression
Leon Petchkovsky, Kirstin Robertson-Gillam, Juri Kropotov, Michael Petchkovsky
Can we text you? A qualitative exploration of young unemployed job-seekers’ attitudes to receiving resilience-building SMS messages
Jayne Alison Orr, Robert John King, Philippa Hawke, John Dalgleish
Examination of the utility of a self-help computerised cognitive behavioural therapy (cCBT) program (SPARX) in an acute adolescent inpatient unit
Candace Bobier, Karolina Stasiak, Helen Mountford, Sally Merry, Stephanie Moor
A Pilot Investigation into Aboriginal People’s Understandings of Depression and Anxiety
Merridy Malin
Building Resilience in Transcultural Adults: Developing a novel preventative intervention
Nigar Gohar Khawaja, Elvia Ramirez, Rita Prasad-Ildes
Real lives, real jobs: Sustaining consumer perspective work in the mental health sector
Wanda Bennetts, Ellie Fossey, Allan Pinches, Tamar Paluch

Advances in Mental Health

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