Vol 11, No 2 (2013)

General issue Feb 13

Table of Contents

Do Past or Present Adverse Relationship Experiences Have Greater Impact on
Kathryn Simms, Desideria Hacker, Alexander Parker, Mayrennes Figuereo, Sara Bock
Parents’ Experience of Seeking Help for Children with Mental Health Problems
Erica Boulter, Debra Rickwood
The Family Strengthening Programme: Influences on Parental Mood, Parental Sense of Competence and Family Functioning
Mary Katsikitis, Kate Bignell, Natalie Rooskov, Lisa Elms, Graham R Davidson
Complex Needs Assessment Panel and Integrated Support (CNAPIS): Description and Initial Evaluation
Bruce Watt, Grant Robin, Laura Fleming, Elke Graf
Risk Assessment and Risk Management: Developing a Model of Shared Learning in Clinical Practice
Kate Juanita Deuter, Philip Galley, Andrew Champion, Andrea Gordon, Tony Halczuk, Adrian Jackson, Annette Jones, Lesley Legg, Julie Murison, Conrad Newman, Nicholas Procter, Penny Williamson
The Attitudes and Practices of Community Managed Mental Health Service Staff in Addressing Physical Health: Findings from a targeted online survey
Kirra Johnson, Craig L Fry
Characteristics of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Mental Health Clients
Nigar Gohar Khawaja, Rebecca McCarthy, Vivienne Braddock, Michael Dunne
Survivors of torture: nursing assessment and care
Brid Murray, Claire O'Donnell
Lexical analysis of coronial suicide reports: A useful foundation for theory building
Pim Kuipers
Letter to the Editor
Susan Jane Beaton, Peter M Forster, Myfanwy Maple

Advances in Mental Health

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