Advances in Mental Health, Vol 9, No 2 (2010)

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Postnatal Social Support Group Needs and Explanatory Models of Iraqi Arabic Speaking Women in the Year Following the Birth of their Baby in [capital city]

Taralisa Di Ciano, Rosie Rooney, Bernadette Wright, David Hay, Lena Robinson


The aim of the current research was to explore the nature and type of support required in a posttnatal support group intervention for Iraqi women. A further aim was to understand Iraqi Arabic speaking mothers' explanatory models surrounding motherhood which are relevant to the appropriate design of a culturally sensitive support group.  The qualitative research involved semi structured interviewing and qualitative data analysis.  In depth interviews were conducted with 7 Iraqi Arabic speaking mothers.  A number of major theme categories emerged which suggested key aspects to include in a perinatal social support group for Iraqi women based on their explanatory model of their mental health. Aspects included:  significance of motherhood; physical and emotional difficulties confronted; postnatal health care experiences and negotiating motherhood in a new country; and receptivity to the provision of a support group intervention.  It is anticipated that the findings will be used to design and evaluate a perinatal social support group for Iraqi women.

Advances in Mental Health

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