Advances in Mental Health, Vol 12, No 1 (2013)

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Suicide Exposure, Awareness and Attitudes in College Students

Julie Cerel


Objective: To determine experiences about suicide and those affected by it and to determine students’ attitudes, perceptions, and behavioral intentions about suicide prevention resources. Participants: 117 students (62% female, 63% undergraduate) Methods: 1000 randomly selected students were emailed a request to complete an online survey. Results: The experience of knowing someone who has attempted or died by suicide is common for college students--65% reported they knew someone who attempted or died by suicide. 21.5% endorsed being “suicide survivors,” “personally affected” by a suicide. Undergraduate students were more likely than graduate students to see suicide as preventable. Most respondents are aware people who are suicidal show warning signs. Conclusions. Students on a college campus are likely to be exposed to suicides and suicide attempts. Supports for people exposed to suicidal behavior, targeted messaging to specific groups of students and gatekeeper training with students overall is needed on campuses.

Advances in Mental Health

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