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Author Guidelines

Advances in Mental Health accepts a broad range of submissions. This includes original research, reviews, description of innovative services, and comments on policy, history, politics, economics and ethics as they relate to promotion, prevention and early intervention for mental health.

Contributions are welcome from scientists, social scientists, clinicians, consumers, carers, practitioners and academics and policy makers from a wide range of disciplines. We provide a forum for young researchers and actively seek out those undertaking higher degrees or preparing dissertations that may be relevant. One member of the editorial board has a particular interest in this area.


The submission of an article implies a commitment on the part of the author to publish in this journal. Thus, authors who submit an article should not simultaneously submit that article to other journals. Articles must be submitted through this system (OJS).

Each submission should include a current title, abstract (of 200-250 words), six key words to facilitate library database searching, all authors' names, institutional affiliations, addresses, telephone numbers and  e-mail addresses. One author must be nominated for all correspondence. The word limit for the manuscript is between 6000-8000 words.

Prospective contributors are welcome to contact the editors for advice on their submission. Materials should be prepared and submitted electronically according to the Style Guide below.

Submission Protocol

Passage of a manuscript through the peer review process will be facilitated by scientific (and language) editing before submission of a manuscript to the journal.

Erudite Scribe is the preferred scientific and English language editing service for eContent Management Pty Ltd journals (principal Dr Andrew Leggett: Please contact Dr Leggett for professional editing rates applicable to your article.

Authors are encouraged to consider sending their manuscripts to this scientific editing service before submitting their manuscript to eContent Management journals.

In particular, authors with English as a second or third language are encouraged to send manuscripts to Erudite Scribe ( for language editing before submitting a manuscript for peer review.

If manuscripts do not meet scholarly English language standards, eContent Management Pty Ltd reserves the right to reject them without peer review.

Initial submission

The publisher, eContent Management Pty Ltd, uses a semi-automated manuscript tracking system to receive and accept reviews of research articles, case studies and literature reviews. Manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to a peer review process. To ensure prompt review of your manuscript, and to preserve anonymity in the review process, please observe the instructions on-screen and take note that:

  1. Manuscripts should be saved as a Microsoft Word or Open Office Writer files. These should contain: title of the manuscript, key words, article text, references, figures, and tables in that order, as one document.

  2. A 200-250-word abstract is loaded into a form on a following page. You should copy/paste it from a existing document.

  3. Do not include any author information or acknowledgements in the manuscript or abstract. In Microsoft Word, please check the box 'Remove personal information from file properties on save' under Tools/Options/Security. Open Office users should consult this online help wiki for removing personal user data.

  4. Your manuscript will be forwarded directly to reviewers and should not contain any identifying information.

  5. Other information such as manuscript title, author postal and email contact details are added on web-based forms.

  6. Please list all authors in the order they are to appear on the title page.

  7. Acknowledgements are added to the manuscript by the author following peer review and acceptance to publish.

Resubmitting manuscripts

It is important that authors re-submitting revised manuscripts indicate how they have addressed the referees' comments, in summary form, accompanying the revised manuscript. This information will be sent with the revised manuscript back to the original reviewers.

These requirements also apply to authors returning revised versions of manuscripts which have been accepted with minor revisions.

If you are requested to do so by an editor of the Journal or a member of our editorial support team, please make use of a qualified English Second Language (ESL) editor.  A document certifying that an ESL editor edited the manuscript may be attached as proof that you have completed this step. Peer review of your manuscript will be facilitated if you elect to undertake ESL editing before submitting your manuscript.

Please refer to the Style Guide below for references, citation and spelling conventions and to 'Tables and figures' below for acceptable file and photo types for print publishing.

Style Guide

Advances in Mental Health uses the APA Formatting and Style Guide 6th edition for the formatting of submissions. This is a link to an easy to use guide to the APA requirements.  For more information, please consult the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 6th edition, second printing.

 'American' or 'English' spellings are acceptable, providing they are used consistently. Translation of articles from other languages into English is encouraged and should be provided by professional translators. The Editors reserve the right to make editorial and literary corrections.


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. Author Warranties: by submission of material to the Advances in Mental Health, all authors warrant that the material is their own, original material or that copyright clearance has been acquired to reproduce other material from employers, third parties or attributed to third parties, and that the material has not been previously published and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  2. Authors have secured the release of any copyright material and can provide written evidence to this effect to eContent Management Pty Ltd. It is also the author’s responsibility to obtain clearance for reproduction from the organization which commissioned the work if applicable. Submission of material to Advances in Mental Health implies all authors’ consent to assignment of the material’s copyright to eContent Management Pty Ltd when that material is accepted for publication in the journal, for the full legal term of copyright and any renewals thereof throughout the world in all formats and in any medium of communication.
  3. By submitting material to Advances in Mental Health, all authors of the material agree to indemnify eContent Management Pty Ltd, and its heirs and assigns in business, against any litigation or claims that may arise from the content of or opinions in the material provided. Submission of material to Advances in Mental Health also implies all authors’ consent to assignment of the material’s copyright to eContent Management Pty Ltd when that material is accepted for publication in the journal, for the full legal term of copyright and any renewals thereof throughout the world in all formats and in any medium of communication.

    If the corresponding author is no longer active any of the other authors may become the corresponding author and they will accordingly be bound by these terms and conditions

    (Note: On acceptance for publication, an agreement specifying the terms noted here and above will be sent to the corresponding author for signature by the corresponding author who is duly authorized to sign this agreement on behalf of all authors and contributors. No printers proof will be sent to the author. The copy provided by the author on acceptance is the version used for typesetting. The publisher reserves the right to make editing corrections.)

  4. The manuscript meets scholarly English language standards and the text adheres to the stylistic and bibliographic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines, which is found in About the Journal.



  5. If submitting to a peer-reviewed section of the journal, the instructions in Ensuring a Blind Review have been followed.
  6. You have created a title-page file from your original manuscript and removed all identifying information from the text and document properties.  Note: the submission process requires the abstract and keywords to be copied into the submission form.
  7. All citations refer to a publication listed in the References section of the manuscript and all references have been cited in the text.

Copyright Notice

The author will transfer copyright to the publisher to eContent Management Pty Ltd. However, the author will have an irrevocable non-exclusive licence to make use of their work, which gives them all of the rights specified in the journal's transfer of copyright form. Details of these rights are available on the Journal's website.

Apart from fair dealing for the purposes of research and private study, or criticism and or review, as permitted under the Copyright Act 1968 of Australia, this publication may only be reproduced, stored or transmitted, in any form or by any means, with the prior permission in writing of the Publishers, or in the case of reprographic reproduction in accordance with the terms of the licences issued by

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Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses entered in this journal site will be used exclusively for the stated purposes below and will not be made available for any other purpose or to any other party:

  • Authors agree that the publisher of the journal may send them materials related to the subject of the journal from time-to-time.


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